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GTE Investment Group

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Our Process

Our Process


GTE Investment Group will work with you to create a financial plan based on sound investment principles and appropriate risk management.

An initial meeting is private, confidential and completely free of charge. We’ll answer any questions you may have, get to know you, tell you more about GTE Investment Group and we’ll see if we make a good fit.


GTE Investment Group follows the six elements of the personal financial-planning process:


  1. Establishing and defining the client/planner relationship.
  2. Gathering client data, including goals.
  3. Analyzing and evaluating your current financial status.
  4. Developing and presenting recommendations and/or alternatives.
  5. Implementing the recommendations.
  6. Monitoring the recommendations.


GTE Investment Group uses a needs based approach to planning. We focus on you rather than a small set of products or services. We are not interested in promoting a certain product just to promote it. We ARE interested in promoting your goals—the products are just the means to get there. As we identify your specific needs, we narrow the products and services to those that would help you.