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At GTE Investment Group, a division of GTE Financial, we understand that financial planning can often feel complex and overwhelming. That's why we are committed to making financial advice accessible to everyone, regardless of their current assets or level of knowledge. As a credit union, we prioritize our members and their financial well-being. Our revenue is reinvested back into supporting our members, ensuring that every decision we make is centered around your needs and aspirations. Whether you're an individual seeking personal financial guidance or a business owner looking to plan for success, our skilled financial team is dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need. We believe in breaking down barriers and offering personalized assistance, empowering you to pursue financial success on your terms.

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Our team is united by strong connections, not only with our valued clients but also with one another. We believe that fostering genuine relationships is key, and it reflects in our unwavering commitment to guiding clients along their journey towards a secure financial future. Call us today to learn more at 888-972-5257.

Our Core Values: What Guides Our Advising

At the heart of our approach lies a deep dedication to prioritizing family and legacy. Our core values embody this unwavering commitment, serving as a compass that steers our actions in assisting clients in their pursuit of financial goals.

Financial expertise should be accessible.

Financial expertise should be accessible.

Regardless of their asset levels, our members have access to the expertise of our experienced financial professionals. We’ll help you decipher all the information that’s out there to guide you toward your hopes and dreams.

Members come first &#8212; always and in everything.<br/>

Members come first — always and in everything.

As a credit union, we’re not for profit. Our revenue doesn’t go to nameless shareholders; it gets poured back into member benefits. Every decision we make starts and ends with you — the member.

Advice should be independent.<br/>

Advice should be independent.

Our advice and the products we sell are not based on meeting quotas. We are free to focus our advice on your best interest.

Balance is both possible and essential.<br/>

Balance is both possible and essential.

We are focused on your holistic financial well-being. Through an integrated approach, we balance both the wealth management and the risk management sides of the ledger.

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